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Company Profile

StellarGene Technologies is a company driven by Science and its applicability in Healthcare and Agriculture. We work in conjunction with Scientists, Clinicians and the Community bringing Genomic solutions to Research, Medicine and Lifestyle.

Lead by a Highly Experienced Team motivated by the Potential of Genomics, we carry the vision of offering
  • Diagnostics that enable Decisions   • Planning that leads to Publications   • Trainings that lead to empowerment

We engage the latest technologies including Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing to deliver
  • Quality   • Insights   • Actionability   • Promptness   • Growth

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Technology we Use

Microarray or DNA chip

A whole Genome approach utilizing several thousand probes to simultaneously measure levels of large numbers of genes or genotype multiple regions of genome.

Next Generation Sequencing:

Achieve single nucleotide resolution to study whole genome or targeted genomic regions.

PCR/ Real-Time PCR

A well accepted tool utilizing primer probe combinations to decipher changes in or levels of specific genes.

Sanger Sequencing

A cost-effective and powerful targeted approach to identify gene level changes at a single nucleotide resolution.


A targeted approach utilizing single or few probes to measure levels of or aberrations in specific region of the genome


A standard tool to analyze gross chromosomal aberrations

Chromosomal Microarray

Individuals with Developmental delay and intellectual disability have lifelong challenges, including difficulties with physical movement, learning, and social interaction. An  Early intervention ensures a better outcome for children, providing physicians and families with knowledge of which disorder is affecting the child, prognosis, and comorbidity information, all of which have implications beyond medical treatment.

Chromosomal Microarray (CMA) test aid physicians in identifying the underlying genetic cause of developmental delay, intellectual disability, congenital anomalies, or dysmorphic features. A Single Test to:

Analyse the entire Genome – Accurately detect numerous chromosomal variations at higher resolution than karyotyping and more comprehensively than conventional FISH. Provide High specificity, sensitivity, accuracy, and resolution across the genome.
Detect Multiple Aberrations – CMA can accurately detect numerous chromosomal variations of different types, sizes, and genomic locations. In addition to identifying copy number changes- Deletions, Duplications, CMA is capable of detecting allelic imbalances and copy number neutral abnormalities such as AOH/LOH that can be associated with uniparental disomy (UPD) or consanguinity, both of which may pose increased risk for autosomal recessive conditions.

Acceptance - The American Academy of Neurology (AAN), the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG), the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) and the International Collaboration for Clinical Genomics (ICCG/ISCA) recommend chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) as the first-line test to aid in the diagnostic evaluation of intellectual disability.

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